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Rules & Regulations

MISS VIRGINIA ASSOCIATION OF FAIRS is selected from the winners of the county and regional fairs throughout the state of Virginia. The contestant selected as Miss VAF will reign for one full year, beginning with her coronation and ending with the crowning of her successor. Miss VAF agrees not to compete at any other pageants during her reign. Miss VAF agreed to participate in events to which she is invited. In addition, she may schedule additional appearances with the knowledge and approval of the Pageant Director. The following guidelines shall apply to participants in the Miss VAF competition:

  1. Contestant must be single, never married, without children, and never having been pregnant.

  2. Contestant must be between the ages of 16-22 on the date of her local pageant.

  3. Contestant must be female and has always been female.

  4. Contestant must possess good moral character. She will not be allowed to compete if she has been convicted of a crime or has criminal charges pending against her (not including minor traffic violations). She will not be allowed to compete if she has engaged in any activity which is characterized as dishonest, immoral, indecent, or in bad taste. This also includes any improper action on social media, in print, or via any electronic form of communication.

  5. Contestant must be sponsored by members in good standing with the VAF. The wording of the fair title must be identical to that of the fair or festival she represents.

  6. Contestant must not compete in any pageant between the date she wins her fair title and the date of the Miss VAF pageant.

  7. Contestant must meet eligibility requirements for participation in her local fair or festival regarding residency. Contestant shall consider that all appearances scheduled by the VAF or the Pageant Director will be in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  8. Contestant is eligible to compete in the Miss VAF Scholarship Pageant more than once. But, she may hold the title of Miss VAF only once.

  9. Contestant must be accompanied by her chaperone during the conference. Chaperones may be a pageant director or a representative chosen by the local fair director. Pageants may designate up to two chaperones. If a contestant arrives without a chaperone, they will NOT be eligible to compete.

  10. Contestant must always wear her fair's sash while not in her room, unless instructed otherwise by the VAF Pageant Director. To honor the Miss VAF crown, local crowns will be worn only at designated times.

  11. Contestant and all accompanying pageant guests shall conduct themselves in a proper, professional manner. Any display of uncooperative or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification.

  12. Contestant must attend all activities and rehearsals to participate. Rehearsals are closed to the public unless announced otherwise by the VAF Pageant Director.

  13. Contestant will compete in private interview, personality wear, civic engagement speech, and evening gown. The top 10 finalists will answer an unrehearsed question onstage.

  14. The decisions of the judges are final.

  15. Contestants must remain on stage until all awards are presented and for pictures until dismissed by the VAF Pageant Director. Well-wishers are asked not to come up on stage until after official photos have been completed.

  16. The winner, runners-up, and semi-finalists will receive a scholarship claim letter. Miss VAF may claim her scholarship after the crowning of her successor. All scholarships must be claimed within two years from the date of the state pageant.

  17. The first runner-up must be willing to assume all duties if the winner is unable or unwilling to fulfill her reign.

  18. The new Miss VAF will meet with the VAF Pageant Director prior to leaving the Omni Homestead Resort to discuss expected responsibilities. Miss VAF will sign a contract agreeing to participate in civic activities, parades, and the Virginia Association of Fairs Conference. Miss VAF will agree to represent her title with dignity and be willing to make appearances for any local fair.

  19. Except for signatures, ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE TYPED (not handwritten).

  20. Responses to all fields on the contestant application must be confined to two pages. Additional pages will NOT be considered.

  21. Contestant must adhere to all deadlines. 

AREAS of Competition

PRIVATE INTERVIEW accounts for 40% of the total score. Judging will be based on personality, poise, speaking ability, personal achievement in education, and civic and community participation. Interviews will be 5 minutes in length. Questions will start immediately after the contestant's introduction by the director. At the 4:30 mark, the contestant will be stopped and will be given an additional 30 seconds to complete the question in progress OR make a final statement on any topic of the choosing OR she may conclude the interview. Interviews will end at the 5 minute mark. A schedule will be distributed at registration with your start time. Please arrive to the interview area 10 minutes prior to your start time. Required dress for interview competition is tasteful short dress or pants with jewelry and footwear that complement the outfit. No cocktail attire, please.

OPENING NUMBER will be a simple dance routine taught at rehearsals. The theme and outfit will be determined by the Pageant Director. After the opening number is completed, each contestant will proceed to the microphone to introduce themselves, giving her name and official fair title.

PERSONALITY WEAR which accounts for 20% of the total score will be done in a fast-paced modeling pattern which will be taught at rehearsals. A CASUAL outfit of your choice that best displays your personality is to be worn. Each contestant will present their community engagement speech while wearing this outfit. Please be tasteful, yet youthful when choosing this outfit as it will be representative of yourself and your fair. Judging of this portion will be on appearance, poise, and personality. Outfits that could serve as evening wear are NOT permitted and points will be deducted.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT accounts for 20% of the total score. Each contestant will be given up to 30 seconds to speak on the value of community service or a platform in which they are involved and intend to promote if they are selected as Miss VAF. Do not over-rehearse your speech. Contestants will be judged on their ability to spread awareness and encourage others to advocate for their cause as well as their stage presentation. Do not state your name and title in your speech. If the contestant goes over the 30-second time limit, five (5) points per judge will be deducted from her OVERALL score. Not cards and props are not permitted. No crowns or sashes will be worn during this competition.

EVENING GOWN COMPETITION accounts for 20% of the total score. Contestants will model their evening gown of choice in a modeling pattern taught at rehearsals. Judging of this portion will be on appearance, poise, and stage presence. After the evening gown competition is completed, all scores will be tabulated and a top ten will be named.

ON STAGE QUESTION (Top 10 Only) An on-stage, unrehearsed question will be asked of the top ten. **Each contestant is asked to submit one question appropriate for on-stage question on a 3x5 notecard at registration. Please include your name and title on the card and bring it with you to registration.

Photos & Program Ads

Each queen is required to bring ONE (8 x 10) BLACK AND WHITE HEADSHOT in a SIMPLE BLACK FRAME. Please identify with name and title TYPED on a small white label placed on the bottom right corner, under the glass. To protect the photo, do not stick the label on the photo. Photos will be judged and Miss Photogenic will be named. These photos will be on display in the lobby during the entire weekend. Please collect your photo after the pageant. The Miss VAF Pageant will NOT be responsible for photos which are left behind.

The Miss VAF color program book is a keepsake for contestants, families, and pageant supporters alike. It is very important as it introduces businesses in your communities to our scholarship program and provides advertising opportunities. In addition, it is a great way for your fair and family and friends to show their support.

All contestants must submit a color, high resolution professional quality headshot for the program book. No crowns or banners in the photo, please.


Also, contestants are encouraged to promote our program by obtaining ads from their communities. The contestant selling the most ads will be given five (5) free admission tickets to the pageant AND a Kate Spade purse and matching wallet! Contestants selling a minimum of 4 full pages will receive a special gift. In addition, the winning contestant's director will also receive a gift basket! **A minimum of four (4) pages are required to be considered for the grand prize.


All ads need to be TYPED and PRINT READY.


If your ad pages do not meet the specific requirements, you will be contacted, and the ad page will have to be corrected at your expense before the printer's deadline. Every contestant MUST have at least one full page ad ($150.00).

"read to succeed" program

Each contestant is encouraged to participate in our community service initiative. Please bring to registration no more than ten (10) new books and the total number of books you collected. More information regarding this program can be found here.

Dressing Areas

A dressing area will be provided during the pageant only. It will open Sunday at 1pm and close at the completion of the pageant. This area will be for contestants, designated VAF pageant personnel, and ONE (1) assistant per contestant. All assistants must show a VAF badge or pageant ticket upon entry. Hanging racks and dressing tables WILL be provided. PLEASE COME PREPARED - There are no mirrors in the dressing area. Small, personal hanging racks are permitted.

Meals & Hotel Accommodations

Contestant meals (2 breakfasts - Friday and Saturday, 2 lunches - Friday and Saturday, 1 dinner - Friday) will be provided by the Miss VAF Pageant. Parents, chaperones, and directors are responsible for their own meals and hotel accommodations.


Admission tickets for the pageant will be sold at the door, at registration, and during interviews for $20.00. All conference attendees holding a conference badge are admitted free of charge to the pageant. Please show badge upon entering the ballroom. As a courtesy to our contestants, no admittance will be permitted once pageant starts.


Contestant welcome packets shall be picked up at the VAF Registration Area prior to coming to pageant registration Friday morning. Chaperones will receive their convention pass in the contestant's VAF welcome packet. Admission to other events during the conference should be discussed with your local pageant director, fair manager, or purchased at the conference. The fair queen, her chaperone, and the pageant director MUST be REGISTERED WITH VAF THROUGH YOUR FAIR BEFORE COMING TO THE PAGEANT. 


All scholarship award winners will receive instructions for claiming their scholarship on stage.


Scholarship winners have two years to apply for their scholarship. Scholarships will expire two years from the date of the Miss VAF pageant.

Scholarships may be used for college tuition and associated expenses listed on the official bill from the college or university or to re-pay student loans.

Scholarships may NOT be used for dance or music lessons or for personal purchases such as computers, iPads, or books.

Contestants cannot receive a cash payment in lieu of their scholarship.

Scholarships cannot be transferred to another person.

Correspondence, Forms & Checks

All checks are to be made payable to the VIRGINIA ASSOCIATION OF FAIRS. Correspondance, forms and checks are to be mailed to the pageant director.

Contestant Order

Contestant order will be determined by the order in which application packages are received. The earlier the package is received, the later in the lineup the contestant will be placed. If the contestant prefers to compete first, please note that in the package. All contestant materials, except for ad page files, must be received before the contestant is placed in the lineup.

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